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FDA Approves Hizentra® (Immune Globulin Subcutaneous [Human] 20% Liquid) for the Treatment of Patients With Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)
16 Mar 2018 News Release

First and only subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) approved for the treatment of CIDP based on the largest controlled clinical study in CIDP

European Commission Approves Hizentra® [Human normal immunoglobulin (SCIg)] to Treat Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)
15 Mar 2018 News Release

First and only subcutaneous immunoglobulin approved for the treatment of CIDP, based on findings from the largest controlled clinical CIDP study

CSL Behring Receives Patient Impact Award for Subcutaneous Prophylactic Treatment to Prevent Hereditary Angioedema Attacks
15 Mar 2018 News Release

Life Sciences Pennsylvania recognized CSL Behring’s commitment to patients for its novel subcutaneous C1 esterase inhibitor, HAEGARDA®, to prevent swelling caused by the rare genetic disorder

CSL CEO Paul Perreault Calls on Industry to Improve Patients’ Access to Medicines
13 Mar 2018 News Release

- Industry’s role in ensuring access to medicine is an imperative, not an afterthought
- Patient engagement is a key driver to strengthen access

CSL and Vitaeris Announce Strategic Partnership with Option to Acquire
05 Dec 2017 News Release

The two companies have entered into a strategic collaboration and purchase option agreement to expedite the development of clazakizumab (an anti-IL6 MAB, formerly ALD518) as a therapeutic option for solid organ transplant rejection.

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CSL Behring Media Contacts

Natalie de Vane

Corporate Inquiries
Phone: +1 610-878-4468

Greg Healy

Product Inquiries
(Bleeding disorders and Warfarin reversal)
Phone: +1 610-878-4841

Christopher Florentz

Corporate Inquiries
Phone: +1 610-878-4316

Jennifer Purdue

Product Inquiries
(Immune disorders, Alpha-1, HAE)
Phone: +1 610-878-4802

CSL Behring Production Sites

Sandra Ruckstuhl

Bern, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31-344-1124

Maureen E. Powell

Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Phone: +1 815-935-3120

Stephanie Fuchs

Marburg, Germany
Phone: +49 6421 39-5972

Christina Hickie

Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 429 609 762

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