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CSL Donates to Indonesian Relief Operations
09 Oct 2018 News Release

CSL, the parent company of CSL Behring, today announced an AUD$50,000 donation in support of Indonesian earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

CSL Named One of the Top Companies in the World for Diversity and Inclusion
18 Sep 2018 News Release

Thomson Reuters Includes the Global Biotechnology Leader in its 2018 Top 100 Global Diversity and Inclusion Index

CSL Behring Delivers on its Promise to Support Alpha 1 Patients at the 28th Annual European Respiratory Society Congress
13 Sep 2018 News Release

• Hosts Patient-Focused Symposium on Alpha 1 Management
• Raises Money to Support Disease Awareness

IDELVION® 3500 IU Vials Now Available to Provide Convenience to Patients
23 Aug 2018 News Release

- The only treatment for hemophilia B FDA approved for up to 14-day dosing is now available in larger, 3500 IU vial size
- IDELVION is now offered in 5 convenient vial sizes to fit any dosing regimen: 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 3500 IU
- New vial option delivers on CSL Behring’s promise to enhance current treatments and provide more alternatives to patients

CSL Behring Hosts Symposium on Managing CIDP with Immunoglobulin, Supports 14 Scientific Posters and Two Oral Presentations at the 2018 Peripheral Nerve Society Annual Meeting
20 Jul 2018 News Release

• Presentations include new analysis from the PATH trial, the largest clinical trial in CIDP

• CSL Behring is now the only company to offer a portfolio of biologics to address the unique needs of CIDP patients in the US – Hizentra®, the first and only subcutaneous immunoglobulin option for CIDP patients, and Privigen®, the No.1 intravenous immunoglobulin used in U.S. hospitals

CSL Behring, Leader in Rare Diseases, Hosts a Symposium on CIDP, Presents 7 Poster Sessions Featuring PATH Study Data at the 15th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases
05 Jul 2018 News Release

- CSL Behring hosts symposium featuring patient perspective on subcutaneous immunoglobulin in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) treatment

- CSL Behring offers a portfolio of immunoglobulin therapies to address the unique needs of CIDP patients – Hizentra®, the first and only subcutaneous immunoglobulin option for CIDP patients and Privigen®, approved for treating CIDP since 2013

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CSL Behring Media Contacts

Natalie de Vane

Corporate Inquiries
Phone: +1 610-878-4468

Greg Healy

Product Inquiries
(Bleeding disorders and Warfarin reversal)
Phone: +1 610-878-4841

Christopher Florentz

Corporate Inquiries
Phone: +1 610-878-4316

Jennifer Purdue

Product Inquiries
(Immune disorders, Alpha-1, HAE)
Phone: +1 610-878-4802

CSL Behring Production Sites

Sandra Ruckstuhl

Bern, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31-344-1124

Maureen E. Powell

Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Phone: +1 815-935-3120

Stephanie Fuchs

Marburg, Germany
Phone: +49 6421 39-5972

Christina Hickie

Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 429 609 762

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