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Kids golfing at a CSL Behring event)

Patient Programs in USA

Our Commitment

CSL Behring is committed to the patients we serve. This commitment is reflected in our support of programs and activities for patients with rare diseases including bleeding disorders, primary immune deficiencies, hereditary angioedema, CIDP and Alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor deficiencies. We partner with patient advocacy organizations to promote quality medical care and service, and to improve and expand educational and outreach efforts. We work with government authorities to ensure patients have access to care while also funding medical research.

Patient playing golf at CSL Behring

Gettin' in the Game

Gettin’ in the GameSM was developed by CSL Behring to help children with bleeding disorders exercise, play sports, learn more about their disease, and share their experiences with others facing similar challenges. The program includes local events where children and their families can get sports tips from our national Gettin’ in the Game athletes and meet other children with bleeding disorders.

CSL Behring

Junior National Championship (JNC)

Developed by CSL Behring, the Gettin’ in the Game (GIG) Junior National Championship (JNC) was the first and currently the only national sports competition designed specifically for the bleeding disorders community. The JNC features accomplished Gettin' in the Game Athletes, who themselves have been diagnosed with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

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