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CSL Behring Coronavirus Information

We are committed to continuing to provide our medicines to patients around the world, while pursuing COVID-19 treatments through a variety of collaborations.

Paul Perreault

COVID-19: A Message from Our CEO

"As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, CSL remains committed to safeguarding our patients, our donors and our people. In keeping with our values-based culture, CSL has taken precautions to ensure our employees and our facilities remain safe so we can continue to deliver on our promise to patients and public health." - Paul Perreault, CEO & Managing Director, CSL Limited

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Watch Online: CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance Featured on NBC News

In the race to find a treatment for COVID-19, the use of antibody-rich plasma from those who have recovered from the novel coronavirus to treat patients who are suffering from the illness has emerged as a hopeful potential therapy. And CSL Behring is a key part of that effort.

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News Releases & Updates

First Patient Enrolled in NIH Phase 3 Trial to Evaluate Potential COVID-19 Hyperimmune Medicine

8 OCTOBER 2020: The anti-COVID-19 Hyperimmune Globulin (CoVIg-19) medicine is under evaluation as part of the trial and may become one of the earliest treatments for hospitalized individuals at risk for serious complications of COVID-19.

CSL Behring’s Global Role in Battling COVID-19

8 OCTOBER 2020: Here is how CSL Behring is working around the world with academia, industry and governments to combat the novel coronavirus COVID-19.


COVID-19 Update

8 OCTOBER 2020: CSL continues to provide medicines to patients around the world.


In Fight Against COVID-19, CSL Behring Begins Trial to Evaluate Monoclonal Antibody (CSL312) for Respiratory Distress

6 JULY 2020: Phase II placebo-controlled study will assess the safety and efficacy of CSL312 for the treatment of patients with severe respiratory distress due to COVID-19 related pneumonia

Racing Against Time, Medical Researchers, Life Science Companies and COVID-19 Survivors Launch National Campaign to Drive Blood Plasma Donation

26 MAY 2020: “The Fight Is In Us” Campaign Seeks to Mobilize COVID-19 Survivors to Accelerate the Development of Potentially Lifesaving Therapies

CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance Builds Strong Momentum Through Expanded Membership and Clinical Trial Collaboration

7 MAY 2020: Rapidly expanding support for the Alliance is increasing donations of convalescent plasma to begin clinical production, while NIH collaboration confirms clinical trial approach

CSL Behring Australia Commences Development of Treatment for Serious Cases of COVID-19

6 MAY 2020: Plasma-derived therapeutic with potential to treat serious complications of COVID-19

CSL Behring and SAB Biotherapeutics Join Forces to Deliver New Potential COVID-19 Therapeutic

8 APRIL 2020: COVID-19 treatment candidate, a high-potency immunotherapy delivering human polyclonal antibodies targeted to SARS-CoV-2, generated from SAB’s novel platform technology, on-track for clinical evaluation as early as summer.


Global Plasma Leaders Collaborate to Accelerate Development of Potential COVID-19 Hyperimmune Therapy

6 APRIL 2020: Partnership brings together world-leading plasma companies to focus on developing and delivering a hyperimmune immunoglobulin in the global fight against COVID-19.