Informed Consent

Informed consent is the process of learning and understanding key facts about a clinical trial before you enroll. It is also a continuing process throughout the clinical trial to provide you with information about the study.

To help you decide whether or not to participate, the study team will explain all details of the clinical trial, including:

  • Why the study is being done
  • What the researchers are hoping to accomplish
  • The treatments being tested and how they are thought to work
  • Any potential risks and benefits to the participant.

You will then receive a Consent Form that describes how the study is designed, whether or not a placebo is to be used and the type of tests required.

Quality Control Team Leader – Immunochemistry, Meral Kaypakkaya, at Parkville in Melbourne.

Review the Consent Form carefully to make sure you have a full understanding of the clinical trial. If something is not clear or if you don't understand a term, ask the study team to explain it to you. If you still feel uncomfortable, ask your personal doctor to review the form.

Once you are satisfied, you can sign the Consent Form. Your signature indicates your agreement to participate in the trial. However, informed consent is not a contract; you can withdraw from the trial at any time.

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