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Rosemarie paints the CIDP patient journey

Painting What It's Like to Manage CIDP

In nine years of managing her CIDP, Rosemarie acknowledges limits but also treasures …

24 Oct 2019 CIDP
CIDP patient Caroline paints to describe her treatment phase.

Painting the CIDP Patient Journey

Caroline, a CIDP patient, created a canvas of light and hope to capture the treatment…

16 Oct 2019 Communities
Darryl uses art therapy to reflect on his CIDP diagnosis

Painting the CIDP Patient Journey

An end to confusion: CIDP patient Darryl paints the relief of diagnosis.

01 Oct 2019 Communities
CIDP patient Rohit does art therapy

Video: Painting the Patient Journey

What was life like before diagnosis? CIDP patient Rohit picks up a brush to explain.

17 Sep 2019 Video
CIDP patient Elizabeth Thirtyacre

Video: What Can You Do Today?

Tell your healthcare team about physical limitations, says CIDP patient Elizabeth Thi…

05 Sep 2019 Communities
Traveling with medication photo

Video: How to Bring Medication on Vacation

We asked patients for advice on managing their rare disease while traveling.

09 Aug 2019 Lifestyle
Rare disease patients talking at CSL rare disease patient summit

Bringing Rare Disease Patients Together

Patient advocates share stories to empower others living with similar conditions.

05 Apr 2019 Wellness
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy rare disease patient Elizabeth Thirtyacre

What One Patient Wants You to Know About CIDP

Watch Elizabeth's tips for living with the neurological disorder.

14 Mar 2019 Wellness
Woman listening to music on smartphone

8 Patients Share Songs That Inspire

From rock to hip-hop to show tunes, all genres make the playlist.

07 Feb 2019 Wellness