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Vita: Sharing Stories of Biotech's Promise
Caregiver clasps hand of patient

Video: From Patients to Caregivers: Thank You

Rare disease patients on why caregivers are so important.

04 Nov 2019 Caregivers
CSL Behring patient advocate Pete Dyson with son

Video: Raising Kids and Managing a Rare Disease

Our patients share what it’s like to be a parent living with a rare condition.

10 Oct 2019 Children
Managing Stress video - CIDP patient Lorry Callaghan

Video: Dealing With Stress and a Rare Disease

Patients share their strategies for managing stress while living with a rare conditio…

02 Oct 2019 Communities
Alison Bartko with her son, A.J., who is living with congenital afibrogenemia

Video: How to Advocate for Access to Care

One mom’s tips on speaking up for children with a rare disease.

14 Jun 2019 Wellness
John Vieke with his daughter Emma

Video: A Father’s Bond

How John Vieke’s daughter helped him see his rare disease in a new light.

12 Jun 2019 Bleeding Disorders
CSL Behring rare disease patient advocate Stacy Ahearn

Happy Mother's Day From Rare Disease Patients

Video: Moms living with rare diseases offer Mother's Day wishes.

07 May 2019 Wellness
Biotechnology leader CSL Behring patient advocate Shonda Joshua and her son, Michael, who has hemophilia B, on a walk near their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

VIDEO: Ensuring Access to Care for Kids

One mom’s Promising Tips for making sure children get what they need to stay healthy

22 Feb 2019 Wellness
Mom holding daughter's hand. When a child has a rare disease, moms and dads dedicate themselves to the cause.

The Power of Parents

When a child has a rare disease, moms and dads dedicate themselves to the cause.

19 Feb 2019 Wellness
Hereditary angioedema patient Machelle Pecoraro playing cards with her children.

VIDEO: What Kids Need to Know

See Machelle’s Promising Tips for helping a child be their own rare disease advocate.

08 Feb 2019 Wellness
Woman listening to music on smartphone

8 Patients Share Songs That Inspire

From rock to hip-hop to show tunes, all genres make the playlist.

07 Feb 2019 Wellness
Woman coughing while walking along a snowy city street

VIDEO: Managing Cold & Flu Season

One mom’s tips for keeping your family healthy.

01 Feb 2019 Caregivers
Hemophilia patient Michael Joshua walking alongside his mother, Shonda.

VIDEO: When a Patient Grows Up

Mom Shonda’s advice for helping your child take charge of their rare disease.

18 Jan 2019 Caregivers