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Vita: Sharing Stories of Biotech's Promise

Back to School

child receives vaccination

Vaccines Save Lives

As measles cases continue in the U.S., make sure children are protected, public healt…

11 Sep 2019 Communities
Parent, child talk with teacher

Video: How to Tell Teachers About a Rare Disease

One mom's tips for ensuring a child's condition is managed in the classroom.

23 Aug 2019 HAE
College students on campus

Managing a Rare Disease on Campus

What patients and caregivers say students should know.

22 Aug 2019 Back to School
Michael Joshua, who is living with the rare bleeding disorder hemophilia b

Watch: How Teens Can Take Charge

See one patient's tips for teens beginning to manage their rare disease.

04 Apr 2019 Wellness
Competitive swimmer Michael Joshua is living with hemophilia B

WATCH: Michael's Journey: Winning Access

As he prepares to head off to college, Michael Joshua is dreaming big and isn't letti…

07 Mar 2019 Hemophilia
Biotechnology leader CSL Behring patient advocate Shonda Joshua and her son, Michael, who has hemophilia B, on a walk near their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

VIDEO: Ensuring Access to Care for Kids

One mom’s Promising Tips for making sure children get what they need to stay healthy

22 Feb 2019 Wellness
Hemophilia patient Michael Joshua walking alongside his mother, Shonda.

VIDEO: When a Patient Grows Up

Mom Shonda’s advice for helping your child take charge of their rare disease.

18 Jan 2019 Caregivers
Hemophilia patient Michael Joshua will be attending college next year.

VIDEO: Tuition, Books and Rare Diseases

See hemophilia patient Michael Joshua’s tips for choosing the right school

04 Jan 2019 Hemophilia
School, Sports, and Sleepovers

School, Sports and Sleepovers

Who needs to know about your child’s primary immune deficiency?

17 Jan 2018 Immune Deficiencies
Going to School With Hemophilia

Going to School with Hemophilia

Five ways to help your child succeed.

09 Jan 2018 Hemophilia