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Primary Immunodeficiency

Primary Immunodeficiency patient Stacy Ahearn working out in her home gym

Video: How to Restart Your Fitness Routine

Ironman finisher Stacy Ahearn on getting back in shape after a rare disease diagnosis…

14 Nov 2019 Video
Patients and Their Pets

Patients and Their Pets

Managing a health problem or chronic illness? Research shows dogs, cats and other loy…

23 Oct 2019 Rare Disease
Hope spelled out in the sand on the beach

The Link Between Chronic Illness and Depression

Patients with primary immune deficiency disease are more at risk, but there’s help an…

14 Oct 2019 Communities
Flusight default image

Three Things to Know About Flu Forecasting

A data-driven approach to predicting outbreaks could be good news for at-risk patient…

08 Oct 2019 Science
child receives vaccination

Vaccines Save Lives

As measles cases continue in the U.S., make sure children are protected, public healt…

11 Sep 2019 Communities
Fear doesn't define me anymore. Hope does.

Wall of Hope

Biotech mural in Philadelphia includes a patient’s reflection on her illness.

29 Aug 2019 Communities
Newborn screening for SCID

Newborn Screenings for Immune Deficiency

Advocates reach a milestone in the United States, press on around the globe to save l…

26 Aug 2019 Communities
College students on campus

Managing a Rare Disease on Campus

What patients and caregivers say students should know.

22 Aug 2019 Back to School
Antibiotics advice for rare disease patients

What to Know About Antibiotics

Antibiotics are an integral part of treating patients with many rare diseases, but th…

19 Aug 2019 Communities
Shannon Gives College Tips

Going to College with a Rare Disease

Shannon learned how to manage her primary immunodeficiency at college.

14 Aug 2019 Communities
CSL Behring Patient Advocate Lori Haigler

Video: Why My Rare Disease Doesn't Define Me

Patients on why having a rare condition is only part of their lives.

17 Jul 2019 Lifestyle
Broiling sun and rising thermometer

Hot Weather Advice for Patients

Heat waves strike parts of Europe and, in the U.S., even Alaska bakes

09 Jul 2019 Wellness