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Vita: Sharing Stories of Biotech's Promise
Primary Immunodeficiency patient Stacy Ahearn working out in her home gym

Video: How to Restart Your Fitness Routine

Ironman finisher Stacy Ahearn on getting back in shape after a rare disease diagnosis…

14 Nov 2019 Video
CSL Behring patient advocate Pete Dyson with son

Video: Raising Kids and Managing a Rare Disease

Our patients share what it’s like to be a parent living with a rare condition.

10 Oct 2019 Children
Managing Stress video - CIDP patient Lorry Callaghan

Video: Dealing With Stress and a Rare Disease

Patients share their strategies for managing stress while living with a rare conditio…

02 Oct 2019 Communities
Getting motivation from your kids

Video: Finding Motivation at Home

One rare disease patient on how his kids help him maintain his health.

30 Aug 2019 Communities
Hemophilia and sports - swimming

Hemophilia and Exercise

Staying in shape is a key part of managing hemophilia.

27 Aug 2019 Communities
Antibiotics advice for rare disease patients

What to Know About Antibiotics

Antibiotics are an integral part of treating patients with many rare diseases, but th…

19 Aug 2019 Communities
Karen Skalvoll in Grrrl campaign Alpha 1

Empowering Clothing Brand Features Alpha 1 Athlete

Karen Skålvoll joins a cast of fierce female competitors in Grrrl campaign.

13 Aug 2019 Communities
Traveling with medication photo

Video: How to Bring Medication on Vacation

We asked patients for advice on managing their rare disease while traveling.

09 Aug 2019 Lifestyle
Woman looking at DNA helix model

Do Your DNA Results Evolve?

Scientists’ understanding of DNA results may change as knowledge increases.

23 Jul 2019 Science
CSL Behring Patient Advocate Lori Haigler

Video: Why My Rare Disease Doesn't Define Me

Patients on why having a rare condition is only part of their lives.

17 Jul 2019 Lifestyle
Palm trees blowing during a hurricane

Rare Disease and Rare Weather

Get tips from primary immunodeficiency patients who have lived through hurricanes.

16 Jul 2019 Immune Deficiencies
Broiling sun and rising thermometer

Hot Weather Advice for Patients

Heat waves strike parts of Europe and, in the U.S., even Alaska bakes

09 Jul 2019 Wellness