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What's Next for Sickle Cell Disease?

A new supplement from the journal Nature explores the promise of potential treatments for the painful, debilitating condition.

magazine cover of Nature Outlook featuring sickle cell disease

As Sickle Cell Disease Awareness month began in the U.S., the journal Nature published a supplement about the disease that looks into new treatments that could improve day-to-day life for patients.

CSL Behring, which supported the Nature Outlook supplement, is recruiting participants for a clinical trial that will investigate a blood protein as a potential new treatment for sickle cell disease.

Read the Nature Outlook supplement online.

Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder with acute complications. The condition changes the shape of red blood cells so they are curved or crescent shaped, causing pain, organ damage and strokes in children as young as 7.

In addition to potential therapies, the Nature Outlook supplement reports on a sickle cell disease hotspot in the Middle East; newborn screenings for the condition; and why the pain patients experience is poorly understood.