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We Are Striving for Gender Equality in France and Around the Globe

CSL Behring France scores well in the country’s Gender Equality Index that measures pay gaps and counts the number of women in top jobs.

symbols for men = women

For the first time, CSL Behring France participated in the Gender Equality Index, a measurement based on employment rules recently strengthened by the French government under French President Emmanuel Macron.

Our score? 94 out of 100, which is considered a very high score.

For companies with 50-250 employees, such as CSL Behring’s French affiliate, the index looks at four main criteria: existing pay gaps in similar posts (up to 40 points); pay raises for both genders (20 points); equal opportunity with regard to promotion (15 points); and salary increases, required by law, upon return from maternity leave (15 points). To obtain the last 10 points a company must have at least four women among its 10 highest-paid employees.

I’m pleased to say CSL Behring’s French affiliate scored consistently high in each category, a direct result of our determination and dedication to achieving equality. Many thanks to the enormous effort taken by the French team, which underscores our conviction that unequal treatment of women or men is simply unacceptable.

We believe our index score accurately reflects our culture and our values, supported by CSL Behring’s global commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. It is important to take a global approach to gender equality, starting at the recruitment stage and ensuring all potential forms of discrimination are eliminated. Further down the line, this includes monitoring pay increases, merit rewards and promotions.

At CSL Behring, we know that diversity and inclusion help us drive innovation, which leads to scientific breakthroughs resulting in transformational therapies that contribute to better health outcomes. In a company in which 57 percent of our workforce are women, we appreciate that diversity, equity and inclusion have long contributed to strong business growth and performance.

Our stakeholders are themselves diverse, so reflecting this within our company allows us to better understand them and their needs. We also know that by recruiting and developing women, and providing an environment in which they can flourish, sends out a strong and positive message to other women who are looking to work within our industry.

Eliminating gender disparity is not only the right thing to do. It also benefits companies and economies immensely. Research shows that companies that have a good mix of men and women on executive teams are more likely to have above-average profitability.

Elizabeth Walker and Bill Campbell, two members of our Global Leadership Group, made a strong statement about gender equality just a few months ago, on Women’s Day. I couldn’t agree more.

They wrote: “We must continue to foster inclusive teams in which women feel not only encouraged, but also empowered to enter traditionally male-dominated roles such as those in STEM fields or in revenue-producing areas of business. We can’t afford not to. When women succeed, we all succeed.”