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Making the Case for Decentralized Trials

It’s time for “an ecosystem-wide series of changes” to clinical trials, say the founders of a new alliance of life science companies.

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Clinical trials provide an important engine for innovation in medical care. Without trials – precise research to discover which treatments work best – progress for patients would slow to a crawl. A group of life sciences companies – recently joined by CSL Behring – believe that changes to the way clinical trials are done could speed up innovation.

The Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance imagines a future where trials could happen without a “brick-and-mortar” medical center, which patients must travel to regularly; some visits could happen remotely without the patient ever leaving home; and others could be handled at local labs and convenient clinics.

Two founders of the DTRA recently articulated the case for decentralized trials in STAT, a website that covers the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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