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Listen: Taking Risks, Overcoming Doubts

In celebration of Women’s History Month, two top biotech leaders share their experiences and offer career advice on podcast.


Karen Neave knows all about Imposter Syndrome.

“It’s the feeling that you’re going to be found out, that you can’t really do the job,” she said on the latest episode of the World of Promise podcast. “It comes down to that feeling of self-doubt,” she noted.

Neave, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for CSL, told World of Promise host Anthony Farina that she overcame self-doubt by taking risks and proving to herself that she indeed belonged where she was – in a leadership position with one of the world’s top-ranked biotech companies.

On the podcast, Neave is interviewed about her career journey along with Antje Michel, General Counsel for CSL Behring. Michel agreed that often external barriers aren’t as big of a challenge to overcome as are internal, self-created barriers.

“I would say that throughout my career I have really found it’s mostly you building the barriers yourself,” Michel said. “The barrier may be that you’re not believing in what you can accomplish.”

Neave and Michel were featured on this episode of World of Promise in celebration of Women’s History Month. During the 20-minute conversation, they not only discuss their career journeys and challenges, but they also offer insights into how they achieved success and work/life balance, particularly in today’s COVID-19 remote working environment.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the player above or by searching World of Promise on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other places where podcasts are available.