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Jose Pineda's Plasma Challenge

A doctor and a leader with CSL Plasma, Pineda has set an ambitious goal: to donate plasma in as many states as possible.

map of the United States with checkmarks in 7 states

Dr. Jose Pineda is on a mission, thanks to his wife, Jenny, also a physician.

She challenged Pineda, CSL Plasma’s Associate Director of Operations and Quality, to donate plasma at CSL Plasma centers in as many states as possible.

“I love challenges, so I accepted,” he said. “So far, I have donated in seven states – South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Alabama and Ohio. My goal is to donate at least in 12 states by the end of the calendar year and 24 by June 2022.”

CSL Plasma, which is part of CSL Behring, has a key role in collecting human plasma needed to make medicines for people who have rare and serious diseases. Donors can donate at nearly 300 plasma centers in the United States and other locations around the world.

Watch a short video to learn more about donating plasma.

Before working for CSL Plasma, Pineda says he prescribed CSL Behring medicines for patients when he was a health care provider at a hospital in Honduras. His path to CSL Plasma began when he worked for a blood bank, where he became familiar with regulatory and quality requirements. While living in Texas, he applied for a center manager role in Douglas, Arizona.

“I read a lot about CSL and found the first Nobel Prize in Medicine went to Emil von Behring, who founded our company. I also recognized on the website the therapies I used to use on patients,” Pineda said.

Pineda started with CSL in May 2017 and did his initial training in Dallas and Mesquite, Texas. He moved to Arizona to open the new Douglas center. He said he appreciates the opportunity to further develop his career while doing purpose-driven work.

“I know how important these medications are to patients and what they do in someone’s life,” he said. “Employees and donors should be proud of what we do every day.”

Jose Pineda gives a thumbs up sign while donating plasma