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Finding Empowerment in R&D

Two of our leaders in research talked to Biospace about the culture at work. “It’s easy to be brave at CSL. There is that support structure there,” says Vanessa Sandford.

Photos of Vanessa Sandford and Sandra Wymann

Vanessa Sandford, Senior Director of Drug Products R&D in Melbourne, Australia, has worked at CSL Behring for more than a decade but she still remembers the job interview. The genuine, two-way dialogue impressed her and led her to join the company.

“The culture was evident on day one,” she said. “It’s one of the big reasons why I’m still here.”

Over the years, various opportunities have been presented to Sandford – some of them outside her comfort zone.

"I’m pretty happy to jump into a new thing, take it by the horns and go for it,” she said. “Of course, there’s always lots of support around you if you need mentoring or any advice.” 

Sandra Wymann, Team Lead Translational Biology in Bern, Switzerland, told BioSpace that she feels supported in her career journey, too. A company scholarship helped her complete a doctorate in immunology and microbiology and, later, flexible schedules helped her continue to work after her children were born.

"They really wanted to support me," Wymann said. 

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