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Doctoral Candidate Wins Our Innovation Challenge

Australian scientist Stefanie Buchholz presented her work in isolating immunoglobulins and other plasma-derived proteins.

PhD candidate Stefanie Buchholz in the lab with Professor Bernd Rehm
PhD candidate Stefanie Buchholz with Professor Bernd Rehm

Last April, CSL Behring launched an innovation challenge in search of new plasma product development concepts to meet future growth and long-term worldwide demand for plasma-derived immunoglobulins.

After receiving entries from around the world, Stefanie Buchholz, a PhD candidate from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), in Brisbane, Australia, was named the winner for her work in finding new ways to recover lifesaving antibodies from human plasma. She received a monetary award and a mentoring opportunity from a CSL Behring scientist.

“We would like to congratulate Stefanie on her achievement and want to thank everyone around the world who participated in this innovation challenge,” said Laura Keigher, Associate Director, Breakthrough Launchpad, Plasma Product Development at CSL Behring. “As a world leader in plasma product development, CSL Behring values this critically important work as we seek new ways to meet the growing global demand for plasma-derived IgG in the future.”

Read more about the innovation challenge and Buchholz’s contribution here.