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CFO Magazine Interviews CSL's Joy Linton

Learn how Linton grew her career, carved out time for family and learned to prioritize rest: “Go on the journey and go where the opportunities take you.”

CSL CFO Joy Linton

CSL Chief Financial Officer Joy Linton didn’t see herself and her husband packing up and moving to London. But one day an opportunity came knocking, and after a short discussion, she took it.

Since then she’s learned to go where the opportunities lead her. As it goes, the latest move was back to her previous home suburb of Parkville in Australia, and to the CFO role at CSL, the world’s third largest biotech company, which specializes in rare and serious disease as well as influenza prevention.

Linton spoke about her path back to Melbourne as well as advice for young professionals in a recent profile by CFO Magazine. Read the full piece here.