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Apprentices Training to Be Future Leaders

These four apprentices are learning and working in Bern, Switzerland. Hear what they have to say about the experience.

group of smiling apprentices in a manufacturing environment

Tomorrow’s experts shape the future, which is why CSL Behring believes in the promise of apprentices. We asked four current apprentices to talk about their work life.

CSL Behring Robin Gotschmann at a desk wearing a headset

Robin Götschmann, Apprentice Polymechanic

"In the third year of my apprenticeship, I was allowed to take on project management in an interdisciplinary team. I really liked that; it's great when you can take the lead and the responsibility."

Apprentice Melina Gunzinger  at a desk wearing a headset

Melina Gunziger, Apprentice Lab Technician specializing in chemistry:

"As a lab technician, you have a very varied apprenticeship. You never really do the same thing. At CSL Behring, we have the advantage of having our own training laboratory, where we learn the basics of laboratory work -- and are also allowed to make mistakes. Because, as we all know, you learn the most from them."

Apprentice Sven Schupbach  at a desk wearing a headset

Sven Schüpbach, Apprentice Computer Scientist specializing in systems technology:

"I feel very comfortable at CSL Behring, and I especially like the friendly atmosphere with the employees. During my apprenticeship, I get to be involved in various projects, work in the computer centers, provide support for employees and maintain the IT systems."

Apprentice Sonja Courtet  at a desk wearing a headset

Sonja Courtet, Apprentice Plant Operator:

"My apprenticeship gives me a lot of insight into our company and the manufacturing of our products. Both with technical equipment and quick action when issues arise, we closely monitor the process for a safe end product. I really appreciate that at CSL Behring we get all the tools and opportunities to complete a successful apprenticeship."