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What Is Survivor Corps?

Grassroots organization formed quickly to advocate for recovered COVID-19 patients and to join forces with researchers probing for treatments and vaccines.

Surivior Corps logo red with a heart and a COVID19 microbe

The formation of Survivor Corps is a classic case of “find a need and fill it.” With little warning, the world encountered a global pandemic in early 2020. The deadly virus mobilized many, but those who survived it were especially motivated to form a community and take action.

Diana Berrent led the way. The Long Island, New York, resident was among the first to test positive for COVID-19. She shared her experience in her Coronavirus Diary and later launched Survivor Corps. The group recently joined The Fight Is In Us campaign, a wide coalition of biotech companies, research institutions and public health advocacy groups that want to spread the word about donating plasma.

The plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients contains antibodies being used to develop potential treatments, including a “hyperimmune” that could be produced at scale. CSL Behring is part of this campaign and a founding member of the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance.

Berrent wants to grow the ranks of Survivor Corps so it can be a powerful force in the national response to COVID-19. The group’s mission states “Survivor Corps is the epicenter of hope.”

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