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Virtual School: 3 Tips From a Life Coach

With many kids and parents home together, get advice for making it work.


Before the global pandemic, family life had more structure. Many parents went to work somewhere other than home. Children went to school at school.

 New conditions bring new challenges, says Lorrie Gray, a Los Angeles-based life coach, who works with chronic illness patients and manages a chronic illness herself. Here’s her advice for managing the school year:

1. When problem-solving, Gray recommends staying open to a wide variety of solutions.

Dad takes a work phone call while son plays with blocks.

2. For parents and kids living with rare or serious illness, listen to your body, Gray says.

Daughter naps on mom's lap.

3. Give yourself options, Gray says, because “some days are going to go smoothly and some will be a total train wreck.”

Mom working while kids jump on the bed

Aside from COVID-19, school can present challenges for kids who are managing rare and serious diseases. These patient advocacy groups have school guides to help create conditions to keep your child healthy and engaged in learning.

The Immune Deficiency Foundation School Guide

Hemophilia and School: Developing an Individualized Healthcare Plan

The Child with a Bleeding Disorder: First Aid for School Personnel

Study Life from the U.S. Hereditary Angioedema Association