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Watch Online: Virtual Golf Lessons

Pro golfer Perry Parker stepped up with video lessons after the pandemic postponed CSL Behring’s annual sports weekend for kids who have bleeding disorders.



This year, the global pandemic made getting in the game a whole lot tougher.

Like so many other events, CSL Behring’s Gettin’ in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC), the only national sports competition for kids and teens with bleeding disorders, had to be postponed. For the first time in 18 years, young golfers, baseball players and swimmers with hemophilia or von Willebrand disease won’t be meeting up for an educational weekend that includes friendly competition and encouragement to stay active.

While the pandemic made it impossible to host the meeting safely, it did not keep CSL Behring from helping educate the bleeding disorder community about staying active. About 100 kids and teens couldn’t go to the JNC, so CSL Behring created a series of instructional golf videos to bring a little bit of the JNC to them. Perry Parker, a professional golfer living with Hemophilia A, provided this year’s video lessons. As one of the founders of the JNC, he was a natural to develop the instructional content.


Through the videos, the young athletes received practical advice they could watch and learn from and, ultimately, take to their course or the range. Parker shared tips to help young players become better golfers and also stressed his secrets for playing well while managing hemophilia. For instance, stretching and flexibility are key, so he made that the focus of the first installment. 

In the series, Parker, who has participated in three U.S. Opens and won five times on the Canadian Tour, also covers the basics of putting, chipping and sand shots. CSL Behring shared the videos with the entire Bleeding Disorders community. The series is also available on CSL Behring’s YouTube channel. 


Visit the CSL Behring YouTube channel.