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The Psychology of Developing Talent

With a doctorate in psychology, Kristen Krebs applies her expertise in human behavior to her role in Global Talent Development.

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The Association for Talent Development defines “talent development” as “the efforts that foster learning and employee development to drive organizational performance, productivity and results.”

portrait of Kristin Krebs, Senior Director of Global Talent DevelopmentAt CSL Behring, that means guiding and supporting thousands of employees from the time they’re hired throughout their careers with the company. It’s a big responsibility and, while you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in psychology, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Kristen Krebs, CSL Behring’s Senior Director of Global Talent Development, earned her doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology at DePaul University. The deep dive into psychology helped her understand what drives individuals, teams and organizations. Krebs said she learned “to think big picture and to work at both the macro enterprise level and micro individual level.” 

She started her work life as a consultant before choosing to go in-house and then joining the team at CSL Behring. recently interviewed Krebs about her career trajectory and how talent development has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic, including onboarding new employees.

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