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Save a Life by Donating Your Plasma

Help us keep the supply of medicines flowing to patients who have rare and serious diseases.



You can be a hero by donating your plasma – even if you have not had COVID-19.

Healthy plasma donors are always needed to supply this important resource that’s used to make medicines for people who live with rare and serious diseases. And during the pandemic, hundreds of plasma donation centers have remained open as “essential, critical infrastructure.”

Medicines made from plasma – a component of blood – are needed every day by children and adults who have serious medical problems, such as hemophilia and primary immune deficiency.


By donating plasma, you can answer the call from patient groups, who have been urging continued plasma donations during the pandemic because their health depends on it. Our own employees have stepped up to donate plasma during this critical time.

Hear from patients who created 100+ videos to encourage plasma donation.

To keep this supply of medicines strong, consider how your act of generosity today could save a life tomorrow.

Are you a first-time donor? Here are three things to know about donating plasma:

  1. CSL Plasma centers are following increased safety measures, including social distancing.
  2. Donors, who are compensated for their time, should be healthy and well rested. Drink water and eat a meal before your donation.
  3. The process takes 45-90 minutes and extracts only plasma. Other blood components, like red blood cells, are returned to the donor.