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NBA Player Joins The Fight

COVID-19 survivor and Boston Celtic Marcus Smart urges plasma donations: “We need to hustle.”


Known for his defensive power on the basketball court, Boston Celtic Marcus Smart recently joined “The Fight Is In Us” campaign after he survived COVID-19. The Fight Is In Us campaign urges survivors to donate plasma to develop an antibody-rich treatment called a “hyperimmune.”

“Right now, more than ever, we have to help each other,” Smart said in a YouTube video. “If you had the coronavirus like I have, you could help a lot of people. But we need to hustle.”

The potential hyperimmune treatment is expected to go into clinical trials later this summer, but more donors are needed now.

“We need every survivor. We need you or anyone you know to please donate plasma,” Smart said.

Smart was a No. 6 draft pick when he joined the NBA in 2014. Today, some consider him among the most effective defensive players in the league.

Visit The Fight Is In Us to learn more about donating plasma.