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Making a Digital Push for Clinical Trials

Clinical research leaders take awareness campaigns online to maintain momentum amid pandemic.

PopUp Star clinical trials awareness logo

When those living with rare and serious medical conditions are looking for ways to get the help and treatment they need, clinical trials are a vital potential option that can often go overlooked.

To address this problem, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and Greater Gift came up with a unique solution by creating PopUp Star. The friendly competition pitted global teams consisting of researchers, patients, advocates and healthcare professionals against one another to create grassroots “pop-up” events in local communities aimed at raising awareness of clinical trials as a treatment option.

Many PopUp Star events brought communities together in a festival-type atmosphere with raising clinical trial awareness at its heart. This year, the groups are taking those gatherings online by pivoting from PopUp Star to the VOICE Campaign.

An in-person PopUp Star event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
While PopUp Star focused on creating “pop-up” clinical trial awareness events like the one seen here at Rutgers University in New Jersey last July, this year’s VOICE campaign is taking awareness efforts online.

VOICE, which was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, seeks to raise awareness of clinical trials through online engagement. Here’s how it works:

  • Teams will implement a digital strategy to share messages about what clinical research means to them with their networks. They’ll have two weeks to share their thoughts through stories, quotes, videos and many other types of content and receive a point for each item shared.


  • The top three teams will move on to the finals, where they’ll be tasked with creating and promoting a webinar centered on raising awareness in a digital world. Judges will attend these webinars and announce a winner during a live finale.

Just as it did with PopUp Star, CSL Behring is supporting the ACRP and Greater Gift’s VOICE campaign. Deirdre BeVard, CSL Behring’s Senior Vice President for R&D Strategic Operations, says the effort is another example of how the medical community is meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

“The global pandemic has forced a pause on so much of daily life, but important clinical research work continues for those living with rare and serious diseases,” BeVard said. “The VOICE Campaign will help spread the word that clinical trials remain an essential option for patients.”

For more information on the VOICE Campaign, including ways your team can take part, please head to