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Podcast: Lessons from COVID-19

Biotech security leader shares his experiences on the front lines against the novel coronavirus.

Tony Strickland Head of Enterprise Security
Tony Strickland, Head of Enterprise Security at biotech leader CSL Behring

The phrase “uncertain times” is being used a lot these days to discuss the world we live in during the current COVID-19 pandemic. On the latest episode of the World of Promise podcast, host Anthony Farina talks to Tony Strickland, Head of Enterprise Security at biotech leader CSL Behring, about being on the front lines of company security during these times.

As the entire world does what it can to slow the spread of COVID-19, people working in biotechnology are doing their part through contributions either directly or indirectly toward the research and development of medicines. CSL Behring remains focused on rare disease and serious disease patients and continuing to produce the products required by our patients.

Strickland has been working to protect CSL Behring employees and patients from the coronavirus since the outbreak in December. On this episode of World of Promise, we share Tony’s answers to questions about what people can do to protect themselves and the lessons he has learned while working on the front lines to protect people from the global outbreak.  

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