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Internships During the New Normal

We’re celebrating National Intern Day from a distance this year and saying thanks to our adaptable interns working remotely.

collage of summer 2020 interns on video calls

For biotechnology companies and other organizations around the globe, internship and co-op programs play an important role in identifying the next generation of leaders.

But could summer internships still happen during the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many employees working from home?

The answer was yes at CSL Behring, which shifted in-person experiences online and found creative solutions to implement virtual internship and co-op experiences. In April, as the COVID-19 pandemic fully changed the way work around the world was being done, CSL Behring’s University Relations and Talent Development Team welcomed 12 co-ops virtually. They were joined by 50 interns the following month.

They’re contributing members of several departments, including Business Technology, Research and Development, Commercial Operations and Quality and Business Services. In addition to their departmental duties, the young workers also had an opportunity to participate in remote events that focused on building connections, fostering development and empowering interns to achieve their goals and uncover their passions.

Brian Fehrer, Vice President, Talent said that interns are important to CSL Behring, which is why his team worked hard to maintain the program despite the pandemic.

“Interns bring contemporary ideas and objective views to our organization, challenging us to think in ways we may not have thought of before,” Fehrer said. “Interns also bring a high level of enthusiasm, optimism and energy to the workplace.”

“While this experience is not what anyone expected, the team is embracing this opportunity together with our co-ops and interns to learn from one another and grow,” Fehrer added.

Zöe Morgan, a Global Finance Intern, said she learned more about revenue and expense reporting systems this summer.

“I am very grateful to apply knowledge I have gained in my coursework thus far to CSL Behring’s Global Commercial Operations Finance Team,” said Morgan, junior at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Leon Moscherosch, also at Temple, is working in analytics.

“I was surprised by how strong CSL Behring’s culture is and how welcome I felt to be part of the team,” he said.

Hannah Olsen, who recently finished her senior year at the Illinois Institute of Technology, said her experience as an R&D Process Development intern has been valuable.

“I’ve enjoyed learning how studies done downscale can impact and benefit CSL Behring’s full-scale processes,” she said.

A senior at Drexel University in Philadelphia, returning co-op Himmat Sembhi said he appreciates that as a Business Operations intern, he is able to make contributions to the company that impact patient’s lives.

“I really value the knowledge, insights and skills I’ve learned here,” he said.

National Intern Day was founded in 2017 by WayUp, a job site for college students and recent graduates. CSL Behring is among the companies nominated for WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs list.