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Innovation in the BioAlps

CSL Behring in Bern, Switzerland, represents a growing life sciences sector in the European region.



Around the world, innovation often happens where universities, scientific research, entrepreneurship and established businesses come together. That nexus has formed in western Switzerland, home to an organization called BioAlps.

The life sciences cluster for western Switzerland comprises an ecosystem of research institutions, academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals. CSL Behring has leading-edge manufacturing and research facilities in Bern, Switzerland, where it produces and discovers medicines for people who have rare diseases. BioAlps aims to support the synergies between companies like CSL Behring and all these other elements to promote western Switzerland as a world-class center for life sciences.

The sitem research hub in Bern, Switzerland, where CSL Behring recently installed a team of scientists, was the location for BioAlps most recent, after-work networking event. The organization hosts “4 to 6” events – so named because they happen between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. - in each of the seven cantons of western Switzerland so members can meet regional leaders in biotech, medtech, pharma and digital health.

“It is a very exciting time for the research team of CSL Behring”, said Adrian Zuercher, Head of Research EU & Plasma Protein Research, at the BioAlps event.

CSL Behring is accessing scientific talent and potential collaborations through its presence at the sitem research hub, he said. BioAlps featured CSL Behring in a video produced at the “4 to 6.” In it, Zuercher explained how the company is structured around five therapeutic areas and how it’s expanding beyond plasma-derived medicines to pursue new treatment areas and new platforms like gene therapy.

BioAlps General Secretary Claude Joris complimented CSL Behring for its authenticity and how it serves as a role model for life sciences in western Switzerland.

“CSL Behring clearly exceeds our expectations in terms of integration into the BioAlps Association,” Joris said.