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#GoodNews During a Tough Stretch

We looked around for lightness and brightness and our employees delivered.

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Communication teams in Europe have encouraged employees to share good news stories during the stressful weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time of unexpected difficulty, people naturally yearn for something positive and uplifting. You see this popping up all over social media, where people are sharing examples of bravery, beauty and kindness even as the world struggles to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that in mind, here are a few employee stories from the last few weeks:

Thanks for Calling

We’ve seen a recent increase in calls from patients, many who have primary immunodeficiencies. They are looking for information about product safety and availability, said Deirdre Smith, CSL Behring’s Associate Director for Medical Information in North America.

The callers left an impression on Smith, who has her own patient story. She has the chronic illness, rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

“I have to say for a group of patients with such fragile immune systems, they have strong spirits. They have been upbeat, thankful, appreciative that we are here, that someone answered the phone to answer their questions,” Smith said. “It’s been a good reminder for all of us that, even though these are tough times, they are not as tough for us as they are for some others.”


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A Good Eye on Two Wheels

Vera Isenberg often rides her bike to work in Marburg, Germany, where she works in a CSL Behring R&D science lab. She occasionally has shared photos of what she sees along the scenic, hilly route of 5 kilometers (3 miles). As the global pandemic took hold, she found herself taking and sharing more photos with the hashtag #positive.

Isenberg has snapped photos of early morning skies, stunning vistas and sprouting flowers. A memorable post to CSL’s employee app featured some of the animals she passes on her way to and from the lab. Isenberg also uses her photo posts to encourage good activities for stressful times, such as knitting and eating healthy.

“The days are full enough with negative news,” she said.

The communication teams in Europe are keeping the positivity flowing by featuring #GoodNews stories in employee communications. They’ve shared self-care advice, suggested ways to enjoy music and culture virtually and explained the phenomenon of hand-drawn rainbows children are posting in the windows at home.  

Peter Flury, Head of Transport Management EMEA, CSL Behring, in an interview with Swiss Television
Peter Flury, Head of Transport Management EMEA, CSL Behring, was interviewed on Swiss Television.

Innovating By Air

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted transportation of all kinds, including cargo that usually travels by ship. But that didn’t stop CSL Behring’s Global Logistics Team from delivering much-needed albumin – a blood component used in critical care – to China. When a container ship was not available, the team arranged for chartered flight that took 118 tons of albumin from Basel, Switzerland to Beijing. The feat was impressive enough that it was covered by Swiss TV.

It was the sort of ingenuity and focus encouraged by CSL Limited CEO Paul Perreault in a selfie video he recently recorded for employees.

“Facing a situation like this is a reminder of our ability to come together and support one another,” Perreault said. “CSL has always been an organization that deals with challenges head on and we’re proving that once again right now.”