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Family Unites Against Sickle Cell Disease

Instead of the usual reunion, 50+ family members rolled up their sleeves to help those who have sickle cell disease.

Sign that says Donate Blood

The list of canceled events goes on and on this summer, but Tahirah Austin’s family found a way to get together for a good cause.

Instead of their traditional family reunion, 54 relatives and extended relatives donated blood to help those with sickle cell disease. People who live with sickle cell disease often need blood transfusions.

Learn more about the family blood drive in a TV news report.

Sickle cell disease, an inherited condition, affects a person’s blood cells, bending them into sickle shapes or crescent moons. Patients experience pain episodes and organ damage. Austin, who has the disease, advocates for the sickle cell disease community. She was a guest on the CSL Behring’s World of Promise podcast.

Listen to the podcast episode featuring Austin.

Recently, at a White House Roundtable attended by CSL Limited CEO Paul Perreault, the leader of the American Red Cross praised donors who give both blood and plasma.

“Blood donors in general are just so generous,” American Red Cross CEO Gail J. McGovern said. “They are helping save someone’s life, and they do it without question. And it’s just an amazing, amazing thing.”