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Family Provides Motivation for Donation

Donor looks to loved one’s illness as a reason to donate in Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association video.

Mike - PPTA plasma donor

Inspired by his son-in-law, who is living with hemophilia, one of many conditions that can be treated with plasma-based therapies, Mike has been donating plasma twice a week for years. Mike estimates that he’s donated more than 1,000 times and adds that some 230 gallons of his plasma has gone to helping others, like his son-in-law.

Donating is his way of giving back, he says. 

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) featured Mike in a campaign called “How Is Your Day?” The group launched the campaign with the support of CSL Behring and PPTA's other global member companies. Its objectives were to differentiate plasma protein therapies from traditional pharmaceuticals and to showcase the value they provide to individuals with rare and serious conditions.

The campaign offers information about the diseases treated by plasma protein therapeutics and emphasizes the essential role played by plasma donors. By explaining a vast majority of these therapies are derived from plasma, the campaign shows that plasma donors save lives every day. Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, the PPTA plans to expand the campaign's outreach. Learn more by following the campaign's Facebook and Twitter accounts.