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Expansion Nears Completion in Switzerland

CSL Behring validates new production capacity in Bern.



Video by Yannick Bechler

CSL Behring’s ambitious expansion project in Bern, Switzerland, is nearing the finish line as manufacturing of the first product batches begins on a new production line. 

Data from these batches will be submitted to authorities for approval in order to allow regular production of immunoglobulins by spring 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The milestone comes after more than three years of hard work on “Protinus,” a project that cost 300 million Swiss francs ($332 million US) and will enable the facility to supply an additional 90,000 patients with immunoglobulin.

“This fact, in combination with the urgency to provide additional capacity and thus deliver on our promise, brought out the best in everyone contributing to this endeavor. It has been an extremely challenging journey, on which we look back very proudly today, said Dominik Cimpersak, Senior Project Manager for Protinus, which means ”forward-looking, ahead.”