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A Winter Glow in Marburg

In a year without the world-famous Christmas markets, the city of Marburg finds a way to light the night.

Marburg castle illuminated for the holidays
Photo by Stephan Bussjäger

Something is missing this year without Germany’s Christmas markets, canceled due to the global pandemic.

But the town of Marburg, where CSL Behring has a large research and manufacturing campus, came up with a bright alternative: to colorfully illuminate prominent buildings and corridors in the city center. The project gave a festive flair to city landmarks, including magnificent Marburg castle, a structure that dates back to the 11th century.

The light displays called “Marburger Adventsleuchten” rotate at different locations to ensure that visitors and guests can enjoy the sights without overcrowding.

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large candles light up a Marburg street
Photo by Stephan Bussjäger