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A Moment for Clinical Trials

Global pandemic puts Clinical Trials Day in the spotlight.

scientists around a chalk board

As scientists around the world race to find a safe and effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, clinical trials are having a moment.

Clinical trials have long been at the center of the modern development of safe and effective medicines. But with more than 300 potential vaccines or treatments for COVID-19 in development, the clinical trial process may never have been as closely watched as it is today.

“I think the general public is gaining a better understanding of how critical clinical trials are on the path to new treatments or new vaccines,” said Deirdre BeVard, CSL Behring’s Senior Vice President for R&D Strategic Operations. “The eyes of the world are focused on finding a way out of this pandemic and we don’t get there without clinical trials.”

All of this is happening around Clinical Trials Day, the medical community’s annual May 20th recognition of the important role that clinical trials play in delivering effective medicines for patients.

CSL Behring is again supporting Clinical Trials Day by sponsoring PopUp Star, a global competition put on by the Association for Clinical Research Professionals and Greater Gift to find the best grassroots way of raising awareness of clinical trials as a potential treatment option for patients.

Those who take part in clinical trials deserve special recognition, said BeVard.

“Without the participants that volunteer to be part of these trials, we would not have the lifesaving therapies that so many patients depend on to, in some cases, give them a new lease on life,” she said.

For more information, check out CSL Behring’s list of current clinical trials and take a look at the infographic below on the clinical trials process.

Infographic on biotechnology clinical trials