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The Best Bulletin Board Wins!

Contest invites school nurses to teach students about primary immunodeficiency.

Graphic promoting Jeffrey Modell Foundation contest.

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation is known for taking creative approaches to raising awareness about primary immunodeficiency (PI). The global foundation has created public service advertising campaigns, translated the “10 Warning Signs of Primary Immunodeficiency” into 50+ languages and, later this year, its founders are sharing their story in the documentary film, “Do Something: The Jeffrey Modell Story.”

The JMF is kicking off 2019 by enlisting school nurses in the effort to spread the word about the chronic, genetic condition. Because school nurses assess so many students, the JMF sees them as a first line of defense in identifying children who could have primary immunodeficiency.

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The JMF contest invites nurses to use its educational resources to create bulletin board displays and lesson plans that help educate students about PI. Contest entries should be submitted to by January 14.

Entrants will compete via the JMF’s Facebook page for likes and shares from January 21-28. The two top vote-getters will receive JMF grants for school supplies to support future educational programs. The foundation contest encourages displays and lesson plans that are “clever, cheerful and creative” – all in an effort to educate young people and help affected patients (who often are undiagnosed for years) to receive the earliest possible diagnosis.

See full contest details on the JMF website.