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Paws, Taking a Pause

CSL Behring employees (and their four-legged friends) share summer photos of rest and relaxation.

White Westie Amy on vacation in Austria

As part of its initiative to encourage good health, CSL Behring in Marburg, Germany asked employees to share the moments of “pause” that they’re taking during their summer vacations/holidays. Staff members have been posting to CSL Behring’s employee app called CSL NOW.

Carsten Richter, a validation coordinator with CSL Behring in Marburg, posted this intriguing photo of Amy, a West Highland White Terrier. She’s looking out - in wonder, perhaps? - at the landscape of Buchauer Alm, a spot for alpine hiking near Ellmau in the Wilde Kaiser region of Austria. If you’d like to see more of Amy’s adventures, Richter says you can follow her Instagram account.

Antje Becker, who’s with Marburg’s communication team, also shared a photo of her dog on holiday in the Zillertal Alps of Austria.

Airdale dog on vacation in Austria

Though the dogs seem to already know this, time off has proven beneficial for mental wellness. Learn more in this article from Forbes:  Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good for Your Mental Health.