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Giving Back in Switzerland

Playgrounds, crafts and kicked-back summer fun filled days at a camp for kids in Bern .

Summer camp in Bern

The sun is shining, it is pleasantly warm. Children of different ages frolic outdoors, do handicrafts with wood or make small works of art out of homemade felt. It’s a picture-perfect summertime break from school.

Thanks to a nonprofit called SoFeWo, with support from groups like Quartierarbeit Bern Nord, these summer camp opportunities are available to children in Bern’s Nord quarter, including Breitenrain. The idea is to provide a fun summer experience for all kids, including those whose families might not be taking their own holiday (vacation).

The Breitenrain quarter is also home to CSL Behring in Bern, where the company operates leading-edge research and production facilities. CSL Behring, which develops therapies for rare and serious diseases, supports the summer program with a financial contribution.

"We have been part of this lively neighborhood for decades," said Sandra Ruckstuhl, CSL Behring’s Head of Communication in Bern. "And it goes without saying that we want to make our contribution to ensuring that it continues to be a place of joie de vivre and quality of life for all residents.”

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Children at playground during Bern summer camp