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Science Survey: Test Your Knowledge

Find out why science education is essential and test what you know.

Biotechnology scientists in CSL Behring laboratory

Even if you don’t spend your working days in a laboratory, a strong background in science is key to making sense of the world. Advances in technology, medical marvels and developments surrounding climate change are daily staples of global headlines.

Pew Research Center recently gauged the U.S. public’s knowledge of science by quizzing more than 4,400 Americans with science-related questions. The 11-question multiple-choice survey covers a broad range of science topics; from the reasons behind the earth’s seasons to the causes of antibiotic resistance. The average respondent got about seven correct answers. If you think you can do better, you can take the quiz yourself here.

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CSL Behring, the world’s fifth-largest biotechnology company, has several programs to encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education for children. They include a partnership with Australia’s National Youth Science Forum and the Philadelphia-area based group Young Men and Women in Charge, which encourages area youth to pursue STEM-related careers.

Dr. Andrea Douglas, CSL’s Senior Vice President of Organization Transformation, told Vita last year that a scientific knowledge can pay dividends no matter which field you choose.

“We need to encourage all youngsters to help them understand and pursue STEM, and help them realize how fundamental a STEM education is to everything around us in life – from work to the home,” she said.

For more on CSL Behring’s commitment to science education, check out the video below.