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Simply Safe in Marburg

In ways large and small, an annual family event in Germany celebrates safety.

Employees at Safety Day tour helicopter

There’s something in the air. At first, it is barely audible, but with the rattling of the rotor blades getting louder, conversation all around falls silent. Six hundred pairs of eyes look into the sky as the noise gets louder. A rescue helicopter whirls up dust and lands on the parking lot of CSL Behring’s leading-edge Marburg site.

At Family Safety Day, the big attraction was the arrival of a rescue helicopter from Die Johanniter (St. John Accident Assistance in Germany and Austria). Kids and families also could (safely) experience a vehicle roll-over in a simulator, check out paramedic vehicles and take a ride assisted by virtual reality glasses. But the goal of the fourth annual event was to show employees and their families a multitude of ways that everyone can practice safety at home and at work. A CSL Behring campaign called Simply Safe serves as a regular reminder.

The global biotech company, which has a large, expanding site in Marburg, makes medicines for people who have rare and serious diseases. That’s why the concept of safety is so essential and deserves its own day, Marburg Site Manager Michael Schröder said.

“We as a company see ‘Safety First’ as imperative,” Schröder said. “Whether for our employees or for our patients: Safety is the basis for our actions as a company. Human lives depend on the quality of our daily work and the safety of our products.”

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