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Paul Perreault on Innovation and Biotech

CEO and Managing Director sits down with NPR affiliate to discuss evolving industry.

WPSU host Carolyn Donaldson speaking with Paul Perreault
Paul Perreault speaking with WPSU host Carolyn Donaldson during a visit to the main campus of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania, in March.

Rapid advances in science and medicine have made constant innovation a critical business practice for biotechnology companies, according to Paul Perreault, CEO and Managing Director of CSL, the world’s fifth-largest biotech.

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During a recent visit to the campus of Pennsylvania State University, Perreault sat down with Carolyn Donaldson from NPR affiliate WPSU for an in-depth discussion on the state of biotech and how innovation is driving the industry.

“In our space, if you're not innovating, you're managing your exit,” Perreault said. “So that's what we're trying to really drive within the organization is the sense that we're here to deliver for patients.”

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Perreault visited Penn State in March to deliver remarks on Innovation in Biotech. The speech followed last year’s opening of the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility on the Penn State campus.