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Meet Lengnau’s Magda Stavaroiu

She and her team are outfitting a Swiss facility for the digital age.


Magda Stavaroiu, project manager for computerized systems used in manufacturing, talks about her work in Lengnau, Switzerland where biotechnology leader CSL Behring is building a large leading-edge facility. This new construction, also called a “greenfield,” enables the use of new technologies and also presents complex problems to be solved, she said. Stavaroiu and the team are pursuing solutions that will enable automation and full digitalization. Recent milestones include software and hardware prototypes.

Some pearls of wisdom from Stavaroiu:

About the day-to-day:You have to deal with a lot of unexpected situations from people management, changes and challenges in the project. So it is this setup of mystery, challenge, ambition, and motivation to get the job done.”

On the end goal:We want to be in line with the newest technologies, that make our life easier, not only as users, but also to easily release products on the market to support our patients."

How today’s choices impact tomorrow: “Every single decision we will take now, will influence the future of the facility and the way we will act and function. The outcome of our work put together as a puzzle, it delivers a huge result for rare disease patients, and it gives a huge satisfaction at the end of the day.”

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