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Who’s Gettin’ In the Game in 2019?

Nominations are open for this year’s Junior National Championship.

Scenes from CSL Behring Junior National Championship

Baseball, golf or swimming? Kids and teens who have bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (VWD), can choose a deep dive into one of those three sports during CSL Behring’s annual Gettin’ In the Game Junior National Championship in Phoenix, Arizona.

The annual competition, scheduled for November 8-10, brings together more than 100 kids for a weekend full of education and friendly sports competition. The focus is on living a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity.

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All bleeding disorder chapters in the United States are invited to nominate two participants, ages 7-18, to attend. Interested kids and teens can contact their local chapter to learn more.

The 2019 event marks its 18th year. Employees volunteer during the high-energy event and CEO Paul Perreault has an annual tradition of joining in the fun by serving as a caddy for one of the young golfers.

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