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Bringing Nature Into the Office

How biophilic design connects employees to the environment.



Biophilic design is an architectural trend that has been showing up in retail for the last several years and is now making its way into offices. The world’s fifth largest biotechnology company, CSL Behring, incorporated elements of biophilic design into its new, leading-edge office building in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

These elements include living plant walls, use of natural wood and floor-to-ceiling windows to allow natural light to flow through the building. Other less obvious nods to biophilic design in the CSL Behring office include carpet patterns that evoke the flow of water, representations of clouds hanging from ceilings, honeycomb ceiling designs and light fixtures that resemble bird nests.

“Every generation can relate to having memories back in nature, so it’s a universal design concept,” Allie Thompson, Senior Designer with Meyer Design of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, says. “I think biophilic design is here to stay.”