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'How It's Made' Visits CSL Behring

Watch January 3 episode to see how we make lifesaving medicines for patients.

Film crew from the Science Channel's "How It's Made" program at work shooting a segment at CSL Behring's Kankakee, Illinois, manufacturing site

From bowling pins to hydrogen fuel cells, the Science Channel show “How It’s Made” has explained it all. At 10 p.m. EST tomorrow (January 3), the series will feature the manufacturing operation at CSL Behring’s leading-edge Kankakee, Illinois, facility, where the company follows an exacting process to make medicines for people who have rare and serious diseases.

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Maureen Powell, Head of Communications at Kankakee, said the shoot was a memorable experience.

“The day spent with the film crew was a lot of fun. They learned about our industry and processes and we learned that it takes longer than you think to film what will end up being a few minutes on a television show,” she said.

The long-running series takes viewers behind the scenes and offers detailed, visual explanations of how raw materials become finished products. According to the “How It’s Made” YouTube channel, the episodes about Legos, silk and mascara received the most online views.

Eventually, the CSL Behring episode will be available for online viewing. Until then, you’ll have to catch it when the episode airs on TV in the United States on January 3. Visit the programming schedule on the Science Channel’s website for more info.