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Holiday Spirit Aglow in Marburg

Traditions, old and new, can be found in this German university town.

Lit up sign at Marburg Christmas Market
Torsten Richter

With not one –but two - Christmas markets, Marburg, Germany has more than its share of holiday spirit.

What’s a Christmas market? Throughout Europe, you can find these longstanding outdoor holiday celebrations, where you can buy gifts, sip mulled wine, dine on bratwurst and enjoy the bustle amid twinkling lights.

Marburg, where CSL Behring has a large facility, made this travel blogger’s list of off-the-beaten path Christmas markets. For more info about European Christmas markets, check out Travel + Leisure magazine’s rankings. You’ll find Christmas markets in other parts of the world, too. This list includes a large Christkindlmarket” in Chicago, Illinois.

Craft and food stalls at Marburg Christmas Market
Torsten Richter

Adding to the cheery mood in Marburg, the city also brought people together for an outdoor sing-along concert. 

Annual holiday sing-along event in Marburg, Germany
Jan Röllmann, Stadtmarketing Marburg