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Four Academic Partnerships We're Excited About

Around the world, CSL is building creative partnerships with universities and research institutions.

Scientists in the lab at BIO 21

In the fight against rare and serious diseases, I’m extremely proud and humbled knowing that CSL has more than 1,700 scientists working to deliver on our promise to patients.

We also want to reach beyond the walls of our own R&D labs to partner with universities and research institutions around the world. Through these collaborations, we can gain new perspectives on the latest technology, share data and work more efficiently to help solve medical mysteries faster.

Here are four academic partnerships we’re equally excited about: 

CSL Behring CEO and Managing Director Paul Perreault (far right) at the June 8, 2018, opening of the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility on the campus of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pa.
Courtesy of Penn State

1. Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania

CSL Behring has pledged $5 million to Penn State to create the multidisciplinary Center of Excellence in Biotechnology, housed within the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, and to establish the CSL Behring Fermentation Facility, an engine for collaboration and innovation in biological training and research on the University Park campus. We’re committed to expanding biotechnology research and delivering industry-relevant experiences for students. CSL Behring also has a vibrant recruiting presence on campus to ensure we’re engaging with the school’s top talent. In October, we were proud to be named Penn State’s Corporate Partner of the Year.

University City Science Center building in Philadelphia
Courtesy of University City Science Center

2. University City Science Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

Not far from our operational headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the University City Science Center is a mission-driven nonprofit organization that’s become a hub for catalyzing innovation throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Through our partnership agreement, the Science Center’s framework for technology commercialization, services and support is providing CSL Behring an infrastructure to efficiently evaluate promising technologies from multiple institutions. This fall, we were pleased to sponsor one of the UCSC’s Nucleus Awards, which honor those driven by innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Scientists in the lab at BIO 21

3. Bio21, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

The Bio21 Institute is one of the university’s flagship research institutes, and for more than a decade has played an important role in positioning Australia as a leading destination for life sciences and biotechnology research. It is home to the CSL Global Hub for Research and Translational Medicine, where more than 130 CSL research scientists are now based since the partnership launched 12 years ago. This is an important industry-university partnership that will enable greater knowledge and technology transfer, drive innovation and ensure Australian research is translated into positive health outcomes around the world.

staircase in sitem-insel in Bern
Courtesy of sitem-insel

4. Swiss Institute of Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine (SITEM), Bern, Switzerland

Known as SITEM, this unique facility provides the infrastructure to cultivate research findings and prototypes to marketable products. The CSL Biologics Research Center housed in the center aims to bring together CSL’s scientists, academia and the life sciences industry in the Swiss capital. Translational medicine is the practice of transitioning new findings and products from industrial development and basic research to clinical application.

Thank you, Penn State, for the recent honor and to all the academic institutions that are helping us help patients. Rare and serious diseases know no boundaries. Innovation and collaboration shouldn’t either.