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Delivering for Patients, Public Health

It’s not just what we do - it’s how we do it.


When it comes to serving patients and protecting public health, one might not initially associate fighting corruption with fighting rare and serious diseases. But at CSL, it’s not only about what we do to drive scientific innovation and improve health outcomes around the globe, it’s also about how we do it.  

Each year on December 9, the world observes International Anti-Corruption Day. Our company’s core values are very much aligned with and supportive of  this important initiative led by the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Corruption impacts everyone. According to the U.N., trillions of dollars in economic value are lost each year through criminal bribes and corruption, seriously undermining social and economic development and most acutely impacting developing countries. Such corruption threatens stability and trust and hinders sustainable development in a range of sectors -- from the education system to the health care system.

As a global biotechnology leader with business in more than 70 countries today, CSL is deeply committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest way and ensuring our people do the same. Our CSL Values, particularly Integrity, guide the conduct of our more than 25,000 employees conducting CSL business globally. CSL’s global compliance program, led by our Business Integrity function, helps assure that employees understand what it means to conduct all aspects of our business with integrity. We at CSL value integrity in all we do: engaging with patients, physicians, shareholders, customers, business partners, and, each other. 

While International Anti-Corruption Day is observed once a year, we at CSL are committed to upholding our values every day. One way we do this is by fostering an inclusive workplace culture in which reporting wrongdoing and maintaining vigilance against all forms of misconduct - including corruption - is not only encouraged, but expected.

Our patients, our people and all of our stakeholders deserve nothing less.