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Engineer Flora Goepper takes a deep dive into biotech in Lengnau, Switzerland



LENGNAU, Switzerland - In a field like engineering, the learning never stops. That’s true for Flora Goepper, who’s part of CSL Behring’s Graduate Engineer program at the company’s new manufacturing facility in Lengnau.

“We’re really in a dynamic environment where everything is constantly developing,” Goepper said.

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The two-year program allows engineers to rotate every six months. Depending on their skills and interests, they take on four assignments within various departments such as process engineering, project management, automation and quality management. Graduate engineers work as team members, learn in the classroom, get support from coaches and participate in networking events.

Goepper said she enjoys having a diverse group of colleagues who represent different cultures. She uses her multilingual skills at work, communicating in German and English, the official site languages, as well as her native French.

The new manufacturing facility in Lengnau, called “CSL Biotech Innovation Park,” aims to develop and deliver the highest quality and most innovative products to patients around the world. Here’s how Goepper describes her role: “to bring people together with different expertise in order to implement the most effective and innovative solutions for the long term.”

Goepper, who previously worked in the energy sector, said she was eager to broaden her experience by joining a leading biotech company.

“Through my work, I really feel like I’m helping patients to improve their daily lives,” she said.

Learn more about Flora's story in the video above.