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Watch Babies Make the News

NBC Nightly News spotlights Angela Forker’s fantastical photography featuring babies living with rare and serious diseases.

Baby posed as a superhero

Back in February, we featured Angela Forker’s Precious Babies photography work. This week, her out-of-a-storybook scenes drew a national audience when her photos were featured on NBC Nightly News. 

The report included an interview with a mom whose infant daughter has the rare disease Prader Willi Syndrome. In Forker’s camera lens, the little girl became a tiara-wearing princess joined by a hopeful green frog prince. Previous photos have cast babies as a fist-raising superhero, a fairy flying over magical gardens and a jungle adventurer trailing a giraffe. In another scene, a little boy is helping a zebra with its stripes. Zebras are a beloved icon for the rare disease community.

Forker spends hours constructing the intricate settings, incorporating medical equipment like feeding tubes. The backdrops are designed to allow babies to be photographed lying down.

“I feel like these babies and I are on a mission and that’s what I’m showing the world, a new kind of beauty that maybe they didn’t expect to see,” Forker told NBC.