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Watch a Two Day Sign Installation in Under 1 Minute

New sign illuminates the sky where 34,000 motorists pass each day.



Global biotechnology leader CSL Behring put up a pair of impressive signs, in mid-December, atop its new leading-edge office building at 500 North Gulph Road. The building sits alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike and just down the street from  CSL Behring’s First Avenue headquarters.

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The twin signs mounted on opposite sides of the building are 76-inches-high-by-21-feet-long -- with each letter in CSL Behring standing three-feet-high.

The signs will light up as each one contains 160 individual LED modules, said Chuck Longacre of City Sign, a Horsham, Pennsylvania-based company responsible for the construction and installation of the signs.

“The average lifespan of the LED modules is 50,000 hours,” he noted.

The new signs also feature photosensitive lighting, which automatically turns on as the sun sets. Chuck said that this style of lighting is preferable to lighting controls that are based off of a timer, as the clocks in timers need to be changed two times per year for daylight saving time and that photosensitive lighting tends to be more efficient than lighting that uses a timer.

No matter what time of day, the signs can be seen by more than 34,000 motorists that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says use the nearby King of Prussia (Mile 326) exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike each day.

The 500 North Gulph Road office will open in February 2019 and be home to 260 CSL Behring employees and contractors. This will be in addition to 825 of their colleagues working at the company’s nearby headquarters.